Empowering Caregivers, Saving Children

The key to inspiring success in a child’s life is inspiring success in that child’s caregiver. Unfortunately, many adults who could change a child’s life don’t have the tools to do so. That’s why we exist, to provide the necessary training and resources to empower caregivers to truly make a difference.

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March 14th
God’s call to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children of the world is not easy or comfortable. And it will require willingness, commitment and sacrifice. The more you know about the global orphan crisis the more your heart will break and it will cau…
March 14th
Homes of Love (HOL), established in 2000, offers places of refuge and healing for children in need. HOL has formed partnerships in Southeast Asia and Africa to establish small, loving, permanent, family-structured homes for orphaned and at-risk children. …
March 14th
About the Beulah Project: The Beulah Project ministers to Nigerian families and orphaned children. The Project is currently in it’s early development stage and is designed to be self-sustaining. Most of the funds for the first phase, a cattle and go…